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Tilghman Trail - Austin, TX 78727 RRISD Home For Lease
A Beautiful 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home For Lease in Austin Texas on 13001 Tilghman Trail in newer area off Anderson Mill Rd. closer to Parmer Lane. - Florida Keys Anglers Sight Fishing Guides
When you think of Fishing the Florida Keys You Should be thinking Florida Keys Anglers! A Captain and Vessel to fit the type of fishing that you have always Dreamed of, for any experience level! Whether it's Sight Fishing for the elusive Bonefish "The Grey Ghost of the Flat's" with a Fly! or Offshore fishing for Sailfish they can make it a Memory of a Lifetime! Can't Go? Watch some FKA TV till you can!!! - Web/Video Production / Networking / Consulting / Hosting
Need your website updated but don't have a Webmaster? Rent our's by the hour! Need Images Posted or Graphics Created - We can Help! Video Shot, Edited, Streamed, NO PROBLEM! Networking on-site or Intranet Consulting - We can Help! Need a Website Created and Hosted - Turnkey Service! How about a DVD, CD or Tape made of your Commercial or other Material - We are affordable! - Old School 26" BMX Cruisers
Remember in the 70's when a kid in California named Scot Breithaupt with a "Vision" invented the organized sport of Bicycle Motocross?
This site is dedicated to one particular part of that sport, the Cruiser. Not what most think of today as THE Cruiser. Before the 24" was invented. The Original Cruiser. In the late 70's and through 82' THE CRUISER CLASS WAS 26" BMX Bikes. is dedicated to Reviving the Forgotten Cruiser Class! 26" Old School / Vintage & Retro! From DG to SE, Cook Bros., GT, MCS, Prodyne, Mongoose Kos, Laguna, Powerlite, Torker to today's Firemans Texas Cruzer and everything Twenty-Six! 26" Racing and Collecting - Yesterday and TODAY!
Scot went on to form SE Racing one of the most successful BMX companys ever and produce the OM Flyer one of the most well known 26" BMX bikes Ever Made! There is the place for 26" BMX History! Come on in, put your feet up and Enjoy! - Realtor

Mbuna Coast Aquatics "Cichlids and Beyond"
Mbuna Coast as very active in cichlid reproduction and research in the 1990's. Although there is no longer a physical MC the virtual Mbuna Coast Live On here! The site has not been updated since 1998 but the information is still relevant and the pictures are still captivating! Not everything works since it was moved and revived but it is still enjoyable piece of Aquarium Fish History! It was the first WWW site offering fish shipped direct and internationally. - Cliff Edwards REALTY
Licensed 1986 - Full Service REALTOR in Austin, Texas - Texas Coast Anglers Sight Fishing Guides - Port O'Connor Fishing Guides Locator - Texas Coastal Fishing Guides Locator - Past/Present/Future Port O'Connor, Texas
Capt. Cliff Edwards and - Port O'Connor, Texas Sight Fishing - Cliff Edwards Austin, Texas.
REALTOR Licensed in 1986 with over 20 years Real Estate Experience.

Cliff Edwards - Realtor

Tilghman Trail - Austin, TX 78727 RRISD Home For Lease
A Beautiful 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home For Lease in Austin Texas on 13001 Tilghman Trail. - index.html - Fishing Lines
Ramblings about nothing much from an old salt!

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Gary Kratochvil Exotic Tropicals
- African Cichlids and "THE BEST" Tropical Fish Food available!

Ad Konings Cichlid Press
- Cichlid Press has truly become the best source for authoritative information on cichlids with books, videos, as well as Underwater Safaris to Africas Rift Valley and Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika.

Cichlid Research by Ronald Coleman PhD
- Mbuna Coast participated in a experiment known as the Cichlid Egg Project by donating many vials of Cichlid eggs during the late 90's.

"Big" John Koeniger at Aquatic Eco Systems
- World's Largest Aquaculture Supply Company

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